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Organic Flax Tempeh®The same flaxseed that's been enjoyed for almost 5,000 years is now yours by way of the great taste of tempeh. Nutritious and loaded with fiber, it adds a unique spin on any meal.
Organic Three Grain Tempeh®Organic Three Grain Tempeh® is a light, mellow treat with the subtle blend of brown rice, barley and millet.     
Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips®A rich, bold flavor of tempeh, this organic treat is one to be savored. Fakin' bacon brings that smoky, savory flavor to sandwiches, salads, or baked as a main course.
Organic Soy Tempeh® Enjoy our original Organic Soy Tempeh® in its purest form. Tender, tasty and packed with soy protein it eagerly awaits a spot in your best tempeh recipe.
Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips® In Indonesia, families pass down family special Tempeh recipes from generation to generation. Now we're bringing this tradition to you with this Indonesian-inspired take on Tempeh, full of organic carrots, sweet red peppers, and green peppers. And with 16g of protein in every serving, it’s a hearty meal that's primed to become a ritual in your home too.
Organic Soy Tempeh® Soybeans were considered a sacred food in China 5,000 years ago. We've cultured organic soybeans with wild rice harvested from fresh water lakes to create an ancient food with a brand new twist. And with 14g of protein, it's a delicacy that should be revered.
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