Hotdogs & Sausages
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Smart Dogs® Just like the classic, only you'll know what's in it. The Lightlife Smart Dogs® offer up all the plump, juicy flavor you love, just without the meat. So fire up the grill and enjoy the ultimate summertime favorite while keeping it all veggie.
Smart Dogs® Jumbo Just because this dog is jumbo, don't call it fat. This low-fat and naturally cholesterol-free dog is veggielicious. It's simply tailored to the slightly larger appetite.
Smart Sausages® Chorizo Style Welcome to EspaƱa! Grill up some Smart Sausages® Chorizo Style and put some veggie-punch in your paellas or your favorite breakfast. Or just throw one in a bun and enjoy a meatless, but protein packed, Spanish treat.
Smart Sausages® Italian Style The Tuscan spirit is alive and well in the veggie world. Throw one of our perfectly seasoned Italian sausages in a bun or sauté it up with a fresh mix of peppers and onions and have yourself an Italian-veggie feast.
Smart Sausages® Smoked Style A classic sausage taste that fits right into a veggie meal. Throw a couple of Smart Sausages® Smoked Style on the grill and top it with all the fixings for a naturally cholesterol-free but flavor-loaded treat.
Tofu Pups® It's the original vegetarian hot dog. A tasty tofu treat ready for all the toppings you can handle, without all the extra fat and cholesterol your body doesn't want to handle.
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