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Gimme Lean® Beef Expand your veggie menu with Gimme Lean® Beef. Make everything from veggie burgers to meatballs to beef tacos, sans meat. With no fat in this naturally cholesterol-free beef, you'll be dining guilt-free in no time.
Gimme Lean® Sausage From patties to omelets to casseroles, it's easy to get the bold, hearty kick of sausage into your meal while sticking with the veggies. Not only that, but your heart will appreciate the lack of fat in this naturally cholesterol-free sausage. Everybody wins.
Smart Ground® OriginalGive any dish a beefy oomph with Smart Ground® Original. Sprinkle some ground crumbles on anything from pizzas to tacos to salads. With our fat-free and naturally cholesterol-free Smart Ground®, your ground beef cravings can be handled via veggie.
Smart Ground® Mexican Veggie taco night doesn't mean a tortilla filled with lettuce and tomatoes anymore. With Smart Ground® Mexican you'll get rich, beefy flavor with the added zing of Mexican spices, adding a bold taste to tacos, nachos and stuffed peppers.
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