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Smart Cutlets Original Grilled to perfection, these veggie cutlets pair wonderfully with wild rice, steamed veggies or baked potatoes. Or dice 'em up for salads or pastas. The options are endless.
Smart Cutlets Spicy Sweet & Sour Add a fusion of Asian flavors to your veggie stir-fry. Or chop 'em into bite-sized pieces for an Asian Chick'n Salad. Either way, they give any meal a tasty Far East flair.
Smart Cutlets Classic MarinaraIn a savory sauce of ripe tomatoes and superb spices, they're sure to add a special touch to any bed of pasta. Top with fresh mozzarella for a veggie Chick'n Parmesan. Now that's amore.
Buffalo Wings It's about to get a little spicy in here, folks. Our juicy wings are bringing all kinds of sassy sauce to the table, whether it's a party or a plain old Tuesday. So pick up a box and start wingin' it!
Honey BBQ Wings Pile our wings on your next party platter, or just make 'em the surprise starter for a mid-week meal. It's that kick of tangy sweet sauce that brings out the best in your veggie chick'n.
Smart Tenders Lemon PepperAdd a little zest to your veggie meal. It's a lemon-peppered treat that comes by way of juicy, chick'n tenders. Your mouth will remember this tasty, tangy moment forever. Even after dessert.
Smart Tenders Savory Chick'n You're gonna love these tenders. Sauté 'em and serve 'em on the main stage, pop 'em in a fajita or just dunk and enjoy. It's veggie versatility at its very finest.
Smart Strips Chick'nThat plump, juicy goodness of chicken strips has migrated to veggie-world with our Smart Strips® Chick'n. Stuff your fajitas, top your salads, or just dunk 'em in your favorite sauce and enjoy veggie chick'n in its most convenient form.  
Crispy Gold’n Chik’n Patties There's Chik’n and then there's golden crispy Chik’n. All the great tender juiciness you'd expect on the inside, now with a crispy seasoned outside. It's Chik’n worth crossing the road for.
Crispy Gold'n Chik'n Nuggets A fun, bite-size take on our classic Chik’n pieces. Crispy and seasoned on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, they’re a healthy twist on an all-time classic.  
Amaz’n Masala Chick’n Pot Pie Combine our hearty Chik’n pieces with tomatoes, peas, and onions and you have a great dish. Add a delicious masala sauce and cover it all with a golden flaky crust and you have a protein-packed meal that only be described as amaz’n..
Smitten with Chik’n Pot Pie Filling just got a lot more filling with this delicious pot pie recipe. It combines our beloved Chik’n pieces with carrots, peas, celery, and onions in a classic Chik’n sauce, topped by a golden flaky crust. High in protein. High in flavor. High in awesomeness. 
Smart Strips Steak If you thought steak burritos, stews, and stir frys were meat-required meals, think Smart Strips® Steak. The bold, hearty flavor of steak strips comes in the form of veggie strips that let you steak-it-up to your heart's content.
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