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From tempeh to Smart Dogs to cutlets, we’ve got all kinds of veggie goodness for you and the Earth.
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Frozen Entrees Eating vegetarian has never been more delicious, thanks to our full line of frozen vegetarian meals. With a wide range of bold flavors and hearty ingredients, there’s something satisfying for the veggie lover in anyone. They’re evidence of our 30-year commitment to prove that living better can taste great too.
Hot Dogs & Sausages Fire up the grill with veggie dogs and sausages. From juicy, succulent Italian sausages to plump, tasty Smart Dogs®, all you need to do is add a little mustard, then relish the taste.
Smart Deli® Perfect additions to a couple of slices of whole grain bread. From Roast Turkey and Bologna style to Ham style, these offerings make the guys behind the meat counter wonder why they bother.
Grounds Here you'll find some of our long-time favorites, thanks to their versatility and taste. Gimme Lean® and Smart Ground® make some mighty fine Tacos, Burgers, Meat(less) Loaf and more.
Tempeh Our organic tempeh is the nutritional powerhouse that gave us our start over 30 years ago. With six distinctive flavors, Lightlife is truly your one-stop tempeh shop.
Strips & Tenders Redefine your veggie recipes with everything from Steak Style Strips to Chick'n Tenders to Smart Wings®. So whether you're looking for a spicy kick, some zesty lemon flavor or bold, tangy BBQ, there's something for everyone.
Burgers Fire up the grill or start up the stovetop, because our new veggie burgers are ready to come to a bun near you. Get them in Kick'n Black Bean, Farmer's Market Veggie, Mellow Portobello Mushroom, or our classic Backyard Grill'n varieties. Prepare your favorite fixings and let the festivities begin.
Breakfast How do you say "Rise and Shine" to an all-veggie morning? The answers are a click away. From Smart Bacon® to Smart Links®, you'll swear you're back in grandma's country kitchen (even if she lived in Brooklyn).
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